Richmond IV

Richmond IV is the next generation stand-mount speaker, a classic ‘miniature’ which sounds much bigger than its diminutive size would indicate. Based on over 35 years of loudspeaker design experience, Richmond IV forms the basis of a new prestige range of Castle products from 2018.

Fulfilling Acoustic Requirements without Compromise

In Richmond IV we have taken into account the wider bandwidth of modern recordings, increasing the size of the drive units to deliver a wider range of supreme musical detail, while still keeping true to the ‘monitor class’ performance for which Richmond is justifiably famous.

Realising the Musical Potential of Modern Hi-Fi Equipment

A larger than usual 6 inches (150mm) bass unit features a newly developed motor system for extreme linearity, midrange precision and profound bass impact, raising sensitivity to a high 88dB. This is married, via a sophisticated but simple Linkwitz style crossover, to a new 32mm treble dome with rear chamber, providing exceptionally natural reproduction of musical instruments and voices, whatever your choice of music.

The enhanced dynamic capabilities and transient performance of the Richmond IV brings a musical realism and excitement that will have you exploring your musical collection all over again.

Cabinet Finishes

Knight Series is available in a choice of seven hand-finished, real wood veneers from around the world and whenever possible, from properly managed forest resources.


Black Oak


Discription2-way bookshelf speaker
Enclosure typeSDEL – Single Drive Extended Line
Bass Driver130mm Woven Carbon Fibre Woofer
Treble Driver12 x 45 mm True Ribbon
Recommended Amp. Power25-100W
Peak SPL95dB

Minimum Impedance4.3Ω
Frequency Response60Hz ~ 20kHz
Bass Extension55Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH)320 x 180 x 230mm
Net Weight5.8kg each