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Avon Series

Breakthrough Twin Drive Transmission Line technology,

handcrafted and polished to perfection.

A delight to both eyes and ears.

The world’s premier manufacturer of furniture quality hi-fi speakers

Castle Acoustics represents the very best in loudspeaker quality, featuring the latest innovations in acoustic technology for a captivating performance.

Classic British Design
Bespoke Driver Development
Beautifully Finished

Each Castle loudspeaker is the absolute epitome of class and refinement. Without prejudice to accuracy, they go far beyond just specifications to reveal the very essence of every performance. Our loudspeakers represent the finest British engineering and design. A complete approach to design creates a perfectly poised and balanced loudspeaker – capable of astonishing clarity.

In-house manufacturing gives us the major advantage of being able to design and develop specific drive units for each model.

This means Castle engineers retain full control of the characteristics of the drivers and are able to combine them with innovative cabinet techniques for bass loading and voicing each loudspeaker perfectly.

All of Castle’s veneers are carefully selected by our team of experienced staff, some of whom have more than thirty years of expertise in selecting the right veneer for each application.

Castle selects the finest crown cut quality veneers from around the world and whenever possible, from properly managed forest resources.

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