Windsor Stands

Experience the perfect sound with the Windsor stands, specifically designed to showcase the magnificent Castle Windsor loudspeakers at their best height. These stands are manufactured in the United Kingdom using only the finest high-carbon British steel. The plates and plinth of the stands are meticulously weighted, and internally damped for ultimate resonance control.

The base of each stand is anchored by four large stainless-steel spikes, ensuring unwavering stability. Premium quality floor protectors and spike seat options are also provided as standard. Each Windsor model has its own custom-engineered stand option – Duke and Earl – both of which are masterfully crafted to ensure perfect positioning, at the optimum height. Indulge in the exceptional performance and unparalleled elegance of the Windsor stands, the perfect match for the Castle Windsor loudspeakers.


Earl Stands Dimensions (H x W x D) mm
980 (on plinth) x 240 x 296 (with terminals)

Duke Stands Dimensions (H x W x D) mm
1020 (on plinth) x 280 x 346 (with terminals)